My Paris visit.

At the moment I am visiting my daughter and her family, who lives  just north-west of Paris in Pointoise.

 I was very surprised to see how well they adapted here, and how well they already speak and understand French after just nine months.
Since I already visited Paris twice, I thought not to visit the usual tourist attractions , but to concentrate more on the gardens and the less known places but in Paris you cannot ignore the Impressionists.

 Our visit to Auvers sur Oise, where Van Gogh spent his final days was really an emotional visit   Shortly before his death here, he said to his brother, Theo, that he hoped to have an exhibition of his paintings in a cafe sometime.   We visited  house Auberge Ravoux, where he rented a very small, cheap room.    Only four square meters, without a window with a view, only a small roof window.   In this room he died after he shot himself.    Lately the question is;   Did he commit suicide or was he murdered.   W e  also visited the church, which he painted, and  the simple grave of him and his brother Theo.
Another highlight was our visit to the Cluny Museum, where  you  can see  very old and beautiful handwoven tapistries.  The highlight was the six Unicorm tapistries,   which depicts the five senses.
In three days I will have to say goodbye and return to South Africa and Stellenbosch to my house near the pine wood and my loom, after a  very nice visit and also a wonderful holiday.  I have been spoilt so much and treated so well.   Have also been taken  to see so many interesting attactions .  Back in Stellenbosch,  alone in my house,  I will miss everyone  so much and with much longing I will remember a   lovely holiday.

Introducing myself

I am Martie Manley and live in Stellenbosch, a very beautiful town in the Western Cape, near the Mother city, Cape Town.

Stellenbosch is an old town, surrounded by big mountains, and a small river that runs through it.

Stellenbosch is actually the second oldest town in South Africa.

I was born, near Prieska, a small town in the Northern Cape.    I moved to Stellenbosch after my husbands sudden death in 1997.

The suburb where I live is called Onderpapegaaiberg and in front of my house is a pinewood, where the squirrels play and run in and around the big trees, eating the pine seeds

My hobbies are weaving, tatting embroidery and beading.  I love to weave, a hobby that I am practicing since 1957.